Analysis of poly-G tracts

Created: 2016-09-28 15:47:00 (GMT Summer Time)

SpeciesStrain#Contigs#PV Genes#Gene GroupsIncremental total #Gene groups
C. jejuniNCTC 111681312424
C. jejuni81-1761201631
C. jejuniPT141302338
C. jejuni00-09491282340
C. jejuni00-15971312650
C. jejuni00-24251302451
C. jejuni00-24261302452
C. jejuni00-25381302453
C. jejuni00-25441302454
C. jejuni00-62001292159
C. jejuni01-15121282360
C. jejuni269.971815597
C. jejuni403112118102
C. jejuni3248813930105
C. jejuni35925B212017110
C. jejuni81116; NCTC 1182811816115
C. jejuniCG842113630123
C. jejuniCJ677CC51912423126
C. jejuniCJM1cam11110126
C. jejuniF3801112421128
C. jejuniIA390213023129
C. jejuniICDCCJ0700113026136
C. jejuniM111211137
C. jejuniMTVDSCj2011211138
C. jejuniNCTC1135113729147
C. jejuniOD26712622150
C. jejuniR1413027158
C. jejuniRM122112724162
C. jejuniRM128512420165
C. jejuniRM319413530166
C. jejuniRM319612622166
C. jejuniRM319712622166
C. jejuniS312724166
C. jejuniWP220212924167
C. jejuniYH00112921168
C. coli15-53736012117174
C. coliBFR-CA-955711815176
C. coliCVM N2971011717181
C. coliFB111412182
C. coliHC2-4812218186
C. coliOR1212319190
C. coliRM187512521190
C. coliRM466112923195
C. coliRM561112320195
C. coliYH50112115195
C. concisus1382611616211
C. concisusATCC 33237188217
C. curvus525.9211211227
C. fetus03-42713635259
C. fetus04/55413433269
C. fetus82-4013028275
C. fetus84-11213633280
C. fetus97/60813634281
C. fetusSP313635285
C. fetuscfvi03/29313433288
C. fetuspet-313834292
C. gracilisATCC 3323612121312
C. hominisATCC BAA-38111212322
C. hyointestinalisCCUG 2763115349362
C. hyointestinalisLMG 926015650395
C. iguaniorum1485E13732414
C. iguaniorum2463D14438427
C. iguaniorumRM1134312323438
C. insulaenigraeNCTC 1292712920442
C. lariCCUG 223951119449
C. lariLMG 1176011815455
C. lariNCTC 1184512922468
C. lariRM2100; ATCC BAA-1060D11814473
C. lariRM1670111612477
C. lariRM1671211814481
C. lariSlaughter Beach11814485
C. peloridisLMG 2391012614488
C. sp.RM1670414836511
C. subantarcticusLMG 2437415640524
C. subantarcticusLMG 2437715134532
C. ureolyticusRIGS 9880155535
C. volucrisLMG 2437911814537

Species data

SpeciesGenomesTotal genesper genomeTotal groupsper genomeDistinct groups
C. coli1021321.417717.854
C. concisus22412.12412.124
C. curvus11212.11111.111
C. fetus828035.026533.270
C. gracilis12121.12121.121
C. hominis11212.11212.112
C. hyointestinalis210954.59949.586
C. iguaniorum310434.79331.166
C. insulaenigrae12929.12020.120
C. jejuni3599128.480823.1168
C. lari712818.310014.364
C. peloridis12626.11414.114
C. sp.14848.03636.036
C. subantarcticus210753.57437.051
C. ureolyticus155.055.05
C. volucris11818.11414.114

Tract lengths

1944 (91.4%)
139 (6.5%)
17 (0.8%)
12 (0.6%)
1 (0.0%)
1 (0.0%)
10 (0.5%)
2 (0.1%)
1 (0.0%)

Gene Groupings

Tract length and ON/OFF by gene group

Core phasome for species